Monday, September 29, 2008

September Update

I REALLY should update this thing more often. Life is crazy!

Things are going very well with his implant. He started working on speech therapy with just the implant, not using his hearing aid in the other ear.

He still uses his HA at work, but takes it off when he gets home to practice more.

I'm constantly amazed at how his speech is coming along. He still has some trouble with his R's, but he's correcting 28 odd years of speech problems. It's going to take time.

His audiologist and ENT have both said that he can and probably should get his left ear done as well. Dr. Cameron (ENT) said just give him a call when he's ready to get the ball rolling on the next surgery!

He has 6 month testing coming up on soon to see how he's doing with the implant and then a re-map.

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