Tuesday, November 25, 2008

An Update. Finally!

Ok, some numbers for you :)

At one month post activation, David scored 76% correct on 10 recorded HINT sentences. At 6 months, he is up to 95%!!!!

At one month post activation, David scored 44% on his CNC single word list with auditory clues only. At 6 months, he is up to 86%!

We had a noise situation recently. My sister got married about a month ago, and the reception was L.O.U.D.

David has a program that helps him in noisy situations. I swear he did better than I did! He was able to talk to people and hear them with relative ease!

People have been telling me that he seems so much more relaxed now that he has the implant. He doesn't have a look of concentration on his face all the time, he's smiling more, talking more, hearing more things correctly. I rarely have to repeat myself now!

Now, for those of you reading...What kind of phone works well with the implant? Our cordless isn't working for his hearing aid OR his implant!

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Anonymous said...

I had my cochlear implant surgery in January 2008 and was activated at the end of February 2008. I am 47 now and my hearing went bad when I was 18 and stationed at Bitburg Air Base, Germany. My Nucleus Freedom has been wonderful so far! I am in the process of getting my left ear implanted now so I will have one on both sides soon, I hope. My ability to understand in many environments has improved 100%. John B. in Temple, TX.